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Invest In Your Body.  It Is Worth MORE, Than Your House

In a nutshell, life is about blood.  New blood means new growth.

As long as our life giving, body feeding, body cleaning blood supply; 

flows freely” throughout the human body; 

then our body will continue to “function, clean and renew itself; forever”.  

Until there is, a blockage.

The premise of the Muscle Renewal System considers the “muscles” of our body, to be the fundamental “building blocks of our structure”; with our bones, rather like internal, door frames and ceiling joists within a house; just providing, simple and inanimate, “support scaffolding”. 

Our “muscles” are the “bricks” forming the “walls of our structure”.  They hold together the bones and organs of our body and “within them”, are “encased, concealed and protected”; lengths of piping, cabling and fittings; “our arteries, veins and nerves”, that all provide functionality and comfort to the dweller.

If a house is collapsing because the bricks are deteriorating, then naturally in time; door frames will be squashed “out of kilter”, just as our “bones will be squashed into touching” each other.  The plumbing and electrical systems of “our blood supply and nerves”, which are all fixed within the walls, within our muscles, “will be squashed” into failure.  These failures, these problems, are all “symptoms” of “structural collapse” and they are not, the problem cause.  

Cutting new holes through the brick work, in order to access piping and cabling or to introduce a new pump or to re-align a squashed, door frame; only addresses a “knock-on” symptom.  Indeed, in its own “cure”, “the cutting of new holes” into the bricks, into the house’s structure; only creates more structural damage, logically leading to a “faster deterioration”.

“Aging” is the resultant state, of the deterioration of our body’s own structure.

A deterioration of our body’s bricks, “our muscles”.

A deterioration of their ability to hold our body together;

firm, upright, aligned and functioning.

Evidence of our body’s “structural collapse” becomes clearly visible “beyond the age of 40”.  Although we may still feel and function well, “confusingly” we experience a “change in posture”.  We are all “overweight, lop-sided and complaining of aches and pains”, long before we encounter any serious, health malfunctions.  These are all “symptoms” of the deterioration of the building blocks of our structure, the “muscles”.  

Our “arteries and veins” which constitute the “supply lines” of

our “life giving”, “body feeding” and “body cleaning” blood flow

are all “embedded”, within our muscles’ fibres. 

The perpetual flow of our vital, “life renewing” blood supply is maintained by 

our body’s “muscles”, our body’s building blocks. 

Until there is, a blockage.

So What's the Answer?

Daily a million, million body cells are created to replace those that die.  With the circulation of oxygen-rich, nutritious blood, “cell by cell” the body is fed, cleaned and “continuously renewed”. 

New blood, new growth.  

However, our body “only renews” those areas through which our “blood is able to flow”.  Once we have an “injury” then we have a “blockage”.  Renewal in this area stops”.  Eventually, after years, we have “more parts” of our body that are “blocked”, than are being renewed.   

So, the answer is;

“Remove the blockages and return the blood flow.”

  • When fresh blood is able, once again, to flow; then our body will, cell by cell, renew itself.

  • Renewed growth means new health, to all our body’s parts.

  • With fresh blood muscles relax and re-align themselves.

  • Tendons, ligaments and bones are all brought back into place.  

  • Relaxed, functioning and “aligned” muscles, enable arteries and veins to maintain a healthy blood flow, without any strain to the heart.  

  • A steady blood flow means good, body feeding; our muscles grow and good, body cleaning means; our body bulges will go.  

  • From the inside, out to the skin, our body renews.  

  • We become erect, symmetrical, slimmer and toned; while our skin and eyes acquire a vibrant glow.  

  • We look and feel, years younger.  

  • We are pain free, with “genuine health”, strength and flexibility.  

Yes, but how? 

With, the Muscle Renewal System.

There is only one way to return the flow of fresh blood through the damaged muscles and that is; with the “manual manipulation” and “loosening of our muscles”, a “hands on” therapy;

The Muscle Renewal System.

The Muscle Renewal System

The Muscle Renewal System is a completely natural, one to one, hands on therapy; applied to the body using the principles explained in the book;

You Are Not Fat.  You Are Damaged.  By Linda Dodds.

This book offers a Revolutionary New Look at The Human Body

which explains in detail and with complete logic;

1.        How it functions. 

2.        How it maintains and protects itself; and

3.        How, the body’s “mechanism for self-preservation” is the reason behind

4.        Why, we all age, as we do. 


The Muscle Renewal System

It is called a “system” because;

  1.    it is a process;
  2.    it consists of a series of treatments;
  3.    different activities are required at different stages of the process;
  4.    it requires a knowledge and skill;
  5.    it requires an “operator”;   
  6.    it requires time for healing, as a valid procedure.

Once a blockage has been loosened, more blood can gain access.  The new blood flow manages to dislodge and move away some of the dead cells and cell waste, the “loose debris”.  In a natural and non-harmful way, we loose bulk and weight.

With new blood and some time, cell renewal takes place.  After time for renewal, loosening the blockage again, enables more fresh blood to gain access.  More cell renewal takes place and the fibres of the muscle begin to reconstitute themselves, gaining “real health” and strength.  It is a process.  The more that is loosened, the better our blood flows; more parts of our body, including our vital organs, are able to renew and the healthier we become.  

Once a muscle has regained flexibility, then the “cement” of the “compacted debris” securing our damaged muscles onto their bones, is no longer needed and may also be loosened.  Blood flow is further improved and of course, loosening the “cement”, enables us once again, to move our body and limbs unhindered and pain free.  We gain flexibility and strength, with an improved range of movement and a reduction in our level of fatigue, as we no longer have to pull against our own, cemented muscles.  

The Muscle Renewal System is a process with different activities at different stages of a muscle’s health.  As a muscle renews its fine fibres, the once stretched and tightly, held together fibres, relax and lengthen.  A longer, more flexible muscle pulls less upon its bones, relieving the pressure placed upon the other, counterbalancing muscles which are also pulling upon our bones, but from the opposite direction.  As these muscle gain health; our tendons, bones and ligaments are all pulled back into place, further improving the “pain free” functioning of our body.  

Relaxed muscles also release their “compressing” grip upon our arteries, thus improving blood flow.  A relaxed muscle enables our “swashed out”, varicose veins to recede back into its fibres; where, being fully encased within the muscle, they may once again be squeezed symmetrically from all sides; which means an “efficient” venous pump, which of course means, better blood flow.  

New blood, new growth.

Now, our body takes on another “process” circle. 

But this time, it is not a “vicious circle”, it is a “perpetually, self-improving” circle.

Eventually, all of our body’s blockages may be reduced back, to their original oedemas and the oedemas can also be removed.  However long before this stage, we feel and look years younger.  We are slim, upright, symmetrical and pain free; with good skin, energy, confidence and true health.  

Once again, our human body,

our “mechanical device”, will be harmoniously;

functioning, self-maintaining and “perpetually renewing”.

And for some, the really good news will be; an end to years of “misery inducing” diets and an end, to hour upon hour of pointless, “temporary gain”, physical “slogging”, under the heading of exercise.  Once again, your body will be like that of an “under” 40 year old; able to process cell waste and clean itself correctly; meaning that once again, we may return to “eating all that we wish”; just as we could, before we were 40.

And you don’t have to diet.

And you don’t have to walk nor run a yard; nor even, a metre.


The Secret of a Healthy Body 

Treatments of this system, consisting only of 5 to 20 hours, if applied every few years, to each of us; from being children throughout our life; and in particular, after an accident or trauma; then our “blockage free” body will continue to renew itself and we will have “pain free and genuine health” that will remain, for many years longer.  

For those of us who are already older, treatments of the Muscle Renewal System redress the ravages of our years and place the condition of our body, back in time. 

Even the oldest and most damaged body, with new blood, will renew.


The Muscle Renewal System is a unique and exclusive service,

known only to and proffered by; Ms. Linda Dodds.

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